Our Differences Make Us Stronger: Textron Aviation Employee Resource Groups

At Textron Aviation, our workforce is made up of individuals throughout the world with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and passions. Our diverse perspectives lead us to be a world-class workforce, helping us develop legendary products. Because we recognize that our differences make us stronger, Textron Aviation employees have developed various Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to help provide a space for team members to embrace their diverse mindset and come together with others with a similar background or interests.

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Here at Textron Aviation, our employees have developed 13 unique ERGs [listed below] that provide employees opportunities to network, discuss common interests, grow personally, professionally and enhance our company.

The power of an Employee Resource Group can be substantial. Derek Settles, Interior Engineer, Textron Aviation, explains how being a part of multiple ERGs has given him the opportunity to further develop himself both as a person and in his career. Two ERGs specifically have had the largest impact on him, the first being Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) ERG, “I joined DIB because I wanted to be a voice that supports Textron Aviation’s vision of Being Human and share experiences that I believe will help others in their endeavors,” said Derek. A second ERG that has profoundly impacted him is Women’s Initiative for Networking, Growth and Success (WINGS).  “I joined WINGS because of the love I have for my daughters. I needed to support my daughters in navigating environments that are dominated by men and overcoming challenges where gender inequalities exist.” Both these spaces provided Derek with opportunity to connect with like-minded people, develop relationships outside of his work team and gain and share resources that ultimately enhanced his employee experience.


Overall, ERGs have made me into a better person, a better husband, and a better father. And there is nothing more powerful than that.  Derek Settles, Interior Engineer, Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation gives the opportunity for any employee to be involved in an Employee Resource Group or start one of their own. There are only two requirements to start your own ERG: Having a clear structure that aligns with Textron Aviation’s values and having goals and initiatives that can help develop employees and our workforce. 


In 2021, Textron Aviation announced five new ERGs including Fusion, Parents and Caregivers Together (PACT), Takeoff, S.E.L.F (Start, Eliminate, Leverage, Finish) and Veteran Engagement Through Community Outreach and Mentoring (VETCOM).


Take a look at all the ERGs Textron Aviation currently has to offer below:

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Textron Aviation values the diversity of thought and the passion behind our Employee Resource Groups and is always looking to find additional talent that brings unique interests to our team. Check out our career page to find an opportunity that is a perfect fit for you.

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