Product pride and customer satisfaction – a perfect combination for CJ3-series aircraft

Ryan Boyce's experience with the Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 assembly line goes back more than 20 years. In fact, he has been an integral part of the CJ3 team since the aircraft’s inception. Over the years, he has witnessed the evolution of this remarkable aircraft and has played a pivotal role in its assembly and popular reception with customers. 

His deep connection to the CJ3 Gen2 is evident in the pride he takes in his work and the satisfaction he derives from hearing customers express their appreciation for the aircraft. The new CJ3 Gen2 was introduced at NBAA in October 2023, and many loyal customers are already looking forward to its entry into service in 2025. 

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"I've been on the CJ3 line since its beginning, so it has always meant a lot to me to hear customers say how they like it," said Boyce, an aircraft assembly mechanic and 24-year veteran with the company. "When you work out here, you need to be engaged with a product. That's what makes you care. I think everyone on this team develops that same feeling after they've been with the aircraft for a while." Textron Aviation has been more than just a workplace for Ryan; it has been the foundation of his career and personal life.  


Building a quality aircraft holds great significance for Ryan. When training new team members, he imparts a valuable perspective, saying, "Whatever you do on this airplane – whether it's a little bracket or you're a flight mechanic – imagine taking your own family on a flight. Are you okay with that?" This reminder underscores the importance of their contributions and reinforces a commitment to excellence. 


"It's given me everything I have,” he said. “It's been a career for me. I've made a lot of wonderful friends, and we've built a lot of great products. It has allowed me to have the life I've wanted to have." 


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