Accelerating success from the (re)start: Textron Aviation launches Returnship program

At Textron Aviation we believe every colleague should have the opportunity for a career, as well as a job.  


That’s why we are launching a new Returnship program – to help those that are ready to re-enter the workforce have a runway to accelerate their success. This new 16-week program provides midlevel professionals an opportunity to navigate the transition back to full time employment.  


Studies show that it is harder for people to re-enter the workforce when they take a break from their professional role to raise children or to care for family members. We believe in you and your potential, and we want to give you an opportunity to restart and build the career of your dreams. 

Textron Aviation launches Returnship program

Our new Returnship program is the first program of its kind in the region, and we are proud to continue to invest in our local community and workforce. 


While you are in this program, we will set you up for success right from the start.  

Paid Returnship experience 

We understand the value of your experience and skills as you join our team and re-enter the workforce. During your 16-week, paid Returnship you are also eligible for our benefits package. 


The program is ideal for individuals or caregivers who have spent at least one year or more off caring for their children, families, a loved one, volunteering, or for those have taken a break due to pandemic related reasons or to address physical or mental wellbeing. 

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Connect to a customized opportunity based upon your skills and interests  

If accepted into the program, you will be personally matched with a team, department, or function where you can provide value from your existing skills or retrain and gain new skills. We want to support you with a customized opportunity that aligns with your skills and interests, in a way that will challenge you and foster growth. 


Whether you are interested in designing, building, delivering, servicing and supporting, we have a Returnship option for you. 

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Join the best in the business and experience a supportive environment  

During your Returnship, you will work alongside a diverse community of professionals that values, supports, and encourages you. A team that is leading the world in the future of flight.

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Build your career 

At Textron Aviation you are encouraged to achieve your dreams. Qualified candidates will be considered for conversion to full-time opportunities. 


Interested in taking the first step to the career of your dreams? Apply for a Returnship today at this link. Applications are due on Oct. 31 and the program begins January 2023. 

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The Returnship program was created by Textron Aviation in partnership with Path Forward, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower individuals as they return to the workforce with the tools they need to succeed after they have spent time as a caregiver. 


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