Sleek, comfortable and eco-friendly: you can have it all in your aircraft interior design

Interiors that are both beautiful and eco-friendly are nothing new in Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft. In fact, Textron Aviation designers have been offering sustainable premium textiles, wood, stone and more in its turboprops and business jets for decades.

Earth Day 2021: Textron Aviation shares insights about its sustainable aircraft interiors

It might surprise some to learn that many sustainable materials have inherent natural properties that make them ideal for aircraft interior design. Wool, for example, is sound dampening and naturally flame resistant. Cotton, linen (flax) silk, mohair and bamboo are also naturally flame-resistant.

When sourcing items for customers, Textron Aviation designers use textiles, carpets and leather that are 100% natural and cradle-to-cradle certified—meaning that at the end of their useful life, they biodegrade in a way that is safe for human health and the environment.

CJ4 Gen2 Interior
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CJ4 Gen2 Interior

Not only are these materials safe for the planet, but they require far less energy to manufacture compared with artificial fibers. Furthermore, designers and suppliers are conscientious of making sure nothing goes to waste. Surplus leathers, wood and textiles are formed into new composite options to create a modern look.

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Incorporating sustainable options in aircraft interiors is just one way Textron Aviation limits its impact on the environment. In addition to having a robust recycling program and wastewater treatment system, the company provides Sustainable Aviation Fuel with aircraft deliveries and meets nearly all of its headquarter operation’s energy needs with wind energy.

To go further in its commitment to the environment and natural resource conservation, Textron Inc., including Textron Aviation, established these areas of focus: greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use and waste generation.

By 2025, the business will strive to:

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Textron Aviation continues to invest in products and services that deliver leading-edge innovation and efficiency. The company’s newest aircraft, the Beechcraft King Air 360 and Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2, both include new interior designs that enhance passenger comfort and create a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

To learn more about how to create a sustainable interior for your aircraft, contact Textron Aviation Sales.

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