When Women are Empowered, they Soar: Channing Dionisopoulos

Since Textron Aviation’s beginning as Cessna and Beechcraft, women have been influential leaders not only within the organization, but also in the aviation industry. Carrying on that legacy, we continue to work and inspire women to soar in their careers, aspirations or aircraft. 


Women’s History Month is about celebrating the contributions and achievements of Women in America. For Textron Aviation, it is especially important to recognize the outstanding women in aviation.


Channing Dionisopoulos’ career took flight in information technology at Textron Aviation and shortly after, she also became a pilot. Now, as a leader, Dionisopoulos encourages other women in aviation to fearlessly charge forward in their careers.


Step out of your comfort zone, reach out, own your career. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Channing Dionisopoulos
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