When Women are Empowered, they Soar: Crystal Grimmett

Since the early days of Cessna and Beechcraft, women have been influential leaders of the aviation industry. Carrying on our founders’ legacy, Textron Aviation continues to work and inspire women to soar in their careers, aspirations, and aircraft.  


Women’s History Month is about celebrating the contributions and achievements of women in America. For Textron Aviation, it is especially important to recognize the outstanding women in aviation.  


On the noisy production floor, Crystal Grimmett paved her way to success. As a sheet metal mechanic for the legendary Citation Latitude, Grimmett shares some of the challenges she has overcome as a female in aviation in the video below.  


When Women are Empowered, they Soar: Crystal Grimmett
 A woman in aviation can do it. We are here and we ain't going nowhere. Crystal Grimmett, Aircraft Structure Mechanic


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