Community: Investing in our people and the places we live

A sense of community is at the core of everything we do at Textron Aviation. Community is people – our co-workers, our neighbors and our friends. Our company is committed to fostering a culture of opportunity, support and respect in everything we do in the places we live and work.  

Textron Aviation - Community

Whether it’s equipping and guiding someone on their professional journey to achieve their career dreams or connecting co-workers with similar backgrounds and interests, it’s important to us to have a supportive environment where each person feels valued with a true sense of belonging.  

Our passion is to make a better tomorrow for everyone. Outside our company walls, we take pride in making a positive impact within the communities we live. We want to provide our employees with an opportunity to come together through projects that bring meaningful change and support for our community. We’re actively partnering with local organizations, giving back and volunteering our time and resources. 

By working together, we’re creating a world where our employees and citizens feel supported, connected and empowered to shape a brighter future. Visit our Careers page for more information about becoming part of our Textron Aviation team. 

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