Textron Aviation Flight Adventure: Igniting dreams, inspiring futures

Textron Aviation Flight Adventure

At Textron Aviation we fulfill one of humanity’s oldest dreams – the freedom of flight. Step into the world of one of our inventors, and you will discover a realm filled with awe and wonder. It’s a place where curiosity dances in their eyes, imagination soars through their minds, and the magic of discovery fills their hearts.

In the fall of 2025, Textron Aviation will bring this enchanting world to life for others with the Textron Aviation Flight Adventure, a captivating attraction nestled within Exploration Place's visionary outdoor "destination playscape" project.


Drawing inspiration from attractions like Tulsa's Gathering Place – as well as captivating installations in Omaha, Nebraska, and Chicago, Illinois – Jason Neal witnessed firsthand the profound impact these projects have on their respective communities. Neal, director of Experimental Operations at Textron Aviation, served as project manager for the museum’s major expansion.

“By benchmarking successful exhibits in neighboring cities, we witnessed the transformative power they had on their communities, enhancing the quality of life in remarkable ways,” said Neal. “At Textron Aviation, we recognize the importance of attracting young professionals and families to our headquarters in the state of Kansas. This project is our commitment to improving the quality of life in Wichita and inspiring future generations to thrive in our vibrant community."

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Not only will visitors witness the joy of aviation, but they will also gain invaluable insight into the diverse careers that bring airplanes to life. One of our goals is to ignite a spark in young minds, prompting them to consider aviation as a promising career path. This experience serves as a springboard, fueling the appetite for knowledge and unveiling the boundless potential aviation holds for their future.

“Unlocking the power of inspiration, the Textron Aviation Flight Adventure hits the sweet spot, captivating minds of all generations. When we can ignite a spark for aviation early, we fuel new dreams of building airplanes, designing wonders and becoming the engineers, pilots and expert technicians of tomorrow."

When it comes to creating a playscape that captures the essence of aviation while enticing guests to play, the challenge lies in finding the delicate balance between accuracy and universal appeal.

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“While we prioritized accuracy, we infused elements of cuteness to make it friendly – even the positioning of structures and staggering of the jet are awe-inspiring. From the surrounding landscape to the site's grade, every detail is considered an inspiring view. The exhibit is a testament to the pride and progress of the aviation industry. It's a journey that spans generations, showcasing the bookends of innovation in one remarkable location.”

This sponsorship represents our dedication to the city of Wichita and our belief in the power of inspiring the next generation of innovators. By supporting this signature play area, we aim to deepen interest in science and technology while paying tribute to the generations of people in our community who have contributed to Cessna and Beechcraft’s rich heritage and legendary accomplishments.

Learn more at https://exploration.org/newsroom/.

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