Datalink capabilities on the new CJ3 Gen2 bring peace of mind to owner/pilot

When Stephen Elop was asked to be part of Textron Aviation’s Customer Advisory Board for the new Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2, he knew exactly what he wanted incorporated in the new aircraft. A datalink system, he said, would be an excellent addition to an already proven aircraft. The system would offer the ability for the aircraft to communicate over cellular capabilities with the Cloud.

“What that means to me is database updates can happen quickly and automatically in the background, reducing a huge amount of work for me,” Elop said. “For example, before I head to the airport to get ready for a departure, I can tell from my computer at home whether it’s been fueled or not.”

Customer Advisory Board - Stephen Elop

Unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association - Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in October, the CJ3 Gen2 raises the bar in the light jet market as the company’s most comprehensive Gen2 product announcement to date.

The CJ3 Gen2 will feature a wide range of enhancements to the cockpit and cabin. Nearly all of those changes came from continual conversations with members of the Customer Advisory, which was made up made up of owners, pilots and mechanics who know what makes the ultimate aircraft experience.

“It’s exciting to see so many of our suggestions, so many of the things we were passionate about, represented in the new version of the Citation CJ3 Gen2,” he said.

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