Greater comfort has Dave Mecartney looking forward to flying the new CJ3 Gen2

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ has long been a favorite aircraft to owner/pilot Dave Mecartney. So, when he was asked to be part of Textron Aviation’s Customer Advisory Board for designing the new CJ3 Gen2, Mecartney jumped at the opportunity.


Customer Advisory Board - Dave Mecartney


Mecartney’s is pleased with the results. With the new CJ3 Gen2, he will have 4½ inches of additional legroom, giving him the ability to recline in his seat and have better access in and out of the cockpit. The enhancement will provide him with a more comfortable flying experience.


The additional comfort, combined with other improvements throughout the cockpit and cabin of the aircraft, already have Mecartney looking forward to flying the new CJ3 Gen2.


“I think I’ve found the airplane that I’m gonna fly for the rest of my life,” he said.

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