Love at First Flight: Hear from Textron Aviation employees and how their passion for flight took them to the skies

Where did your passion for aviation begin? Was it the first time you watched an aircraft leave the ground and fly across the sky? Did it happen when you began a career in aviation? Or did your first ride in a plane simply give you “love at first flight.” 


If any of these experiences sound familiar, you're not alone. Textron Aviation inspires the journey of flight, and it’s reflected in our employees’ love for aviation. While some are happy with just being passengers; others are pilots, and a few others are taking steps toward their first solo flight. 


Their stories are vastly different. Maybe they do it for the freedom; maybe it’s the adventures; or maybe they just take great satisfaction in being at the controls. Whatever the reason, it’s a communal experience. 

Love at First Flight: Caleb

Love at First Flight: Kate

Love at First Flight: Gonzalo

Love at First Flight: Jessica & Nathan

Love at First Flight: Moses

The shared love of flight is common at Textron Aviation. Many employees take their passion for aviation to the Employees Flying Club, where they have the opportunity learn to fly and regularly take to the skies for another memorable adventure on a Beechcraft or Cessna aircraft. 


Are you ready to explore a new career and fall in love with aviation? Apply to join our team at We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us build some of the world’s most iconic and beloved aircraft. 

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