Trustworthiness and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand

At Textron Aviation, one of our values is to be trustworthy. We understand that trust is earned with years of reliability and commitment.

Our customers, employees and community count on us to deliver. To meet this goal every day, each person in the organization is expected to act with integrity, listen and build relationships both in and outside the office and plant walls.

Star Dupree, director of Manufacturing Operations, works to be a trustworthy leader by being honest, reliable and aligning her actions with her words. She starts by building relationships with her peers and employees, because she believes trust is built on understanding one another’s needs and aspirations. Once that trust is earned, she knows integrity is expected and uses that to motivate herself daily.

  Our 90-year legacy was built on trust, so I’m committed to that expectation every day. Star Dupree, Director of Manufacturing Operations

Hear more about how Dupree practices trustworthiness in the video below.

Building Trust: Hear from Textron Aviation's Star Dupree

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