Cessna and CAIGA Joint Ventures Gear Up For Operations

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Cessna and CAIGA Joint Ventures Gear Up For Operations赛斯纳和中航通飞的合资企业运营在即

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today announced that it is making excellent progress toward beginning operations in China through joint ventures to be formed with China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company (CAIGA) in Shijiazhuang and Zhuhai.中国上海,2013年4月15日— 德事隆集团(纽约证交所代码:TXT)旗下的赛斯纳飞机公司今天宣布该公司与中航通用飞机有限责任公司即将在石家庄和珠海成立的合资公司筹备工作取得重大进展,正式运营指日可待。

In November 2012, Cessna and CAIGA signed agreements to form joint ventures to assemble Citation XLS+ business jets through CESSNA-AVIC Aircraft (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd and Cessna Caravan utility turboprops through CESSNA-AVIC Aircraft (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. The aircraft from both operations are intended to be sold in the Chinese market.2012年11月,赛斯纳先后与中航通飞签订协议组建两家合资公司,即珠海中航赛斯纳飞机公司,负责组装奖状XLS+公务机;石家庄中航赛斯纳飞机公司,负责组装赛斯纳凯旋多用途涡桨飞机。这两家合资公司都将目标市场瞄准了中国。

Speaking today at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE), William Schultz, Cessna’s senior vice president – business development, China, said: “Together with CAIGA, we are making swift progress toward establishing the joint venture operations. The construction of facilities is complete and we expect tooling and equipment to be in place in Shijiazhuang by June and in Zhuhai before the end of the year.” Formation of the joint ventures and the beginning of operations remain subject to various government approvals.

赛斯纳中国区业务发展高级副总裁William Schultz先生在今天的亚洲公务航空会议及展览会(ABACE)上说:“我们与中航通飞一道,共同推进合资公司的各项筹备工作,成效卓著。目前,厂房建设已经竣工,我们希望工装和设备能于今年6月前落户石家庄,年底前落户珠海。”合资公司的成立和前期运营仍待政府审批。

In addition, Cessna and CAIGA today announced key senior management appointments for both joint ventures.与此同时,赛斯纳和中航通飞今天对外宣布了两家合资公司的高层人事任命。

Trey Wade, formerly with Cessna’s sister company Bell Helicopter, has been appointed general manager for the Zhuhai operation. With 12 years experience at Bell Helicopter, Wade was most recently director of the Bell Helicopter Training Academy. Li Yanbei, previously vice general manager of CAIGA South China Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd., has been named as the deputy general manager of the Zhuhai joint venture.崔伟(Trey Wade)被任命为珠海合资公司的总经理,原任职于赛斯纳兄弟公司贝尔直升机公司。崔伟在贝尔工作12年,离任前为贝尔直升机培训中心总监。李雁北原任中航通飞华南飞机工业有限公司副总经理,现被任命为珠海合资项目的副总经理。

David Howard has been promoted to general manager of the Shijiazhuang joint venture. Howard was previously responsible for overseeing operations of the Cessna Skycatcher 162 program in Shenyang, China. Jing Weiliang, previously Manager of Human Resource with CAIGA North China Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd., has been appointed to be the deputy general manager of the Shijiazhuang joint venture.贺旺德(David Howard)被提擢为石家庄合资公司的总经理,他曾负责沈阳赛斯纳162捕天者项目的运营。井维良原任中航通飞华北飞机工业有限公司人事部部长,现被任命为石家庄合资项目的副总经理。

Schultz said: “We have worked hard to identify suitably skilled leaders for both joint ventures. The operations will benefit immensely from the experience and insights of both management teams.”Schultz先生说:“我们为合资企业的领导人选煞费苦心。未来企业的运作将极大程度地受益于管理团队的丰富经验和战略眼光。”

In addition to conducting aircraft assembly and sales, the joint ventures are also expected to develop customer support capabilities to meet aftermarket needs in China. These services are intended to complement the activities of Cessna’s existing service network in the country: Beijing DINGSHI GA Tech Service Center (CFIC) was appointed a Citation authorized service facility in March 2012, and Cessna is working towards awarding the same status to Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre.合资企业除了负责飞机组装和销售,未来还将具备客户支持的能力,以满足中国市场对售后服务的需求,并将成为赛斯纳中国现有服务网络的有力补充。中国民航飞行校验中心所属北京鼎实通航技术服务中心于2012年3月被指定为奖状公务机授权服务中心。上海霍克太平洋公务航空服务中心加入赛斯纳服务体系的日子也指日可待。

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