Cessna Enforcer Program Gaining Attention of Law Enforcement

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Since debuting its innovative Cessna Enforcer program in April, Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has received positive feedback about the program from law enforcement departments around the country searching for cost effective solutions for aerial law enforcement.

The Enforcer program offers a nearly one-stop-shop solution for customers who need aerial surveillance platforms but might not have the time or manpower for a time-consuming process of acquisition, procurement and installation. “Until now, an agency would purchase an aircraft, procure the appropriate surveillance equipment and have the equipment installed on the aircraft. With the Enforcer program, Cessna delivers an aircraft that is ready to be put into service that day, with equipment chosen by the customer – and at a significantly lower cost.”

“We have had feedback from law enforcement agencies that a Cessna fixed wing aircraft can complete 95 percent of the missions traditionally assigned to helicopters. A Cessna 182 or 206 equipped with the Enforcer package is a flexible Intelligence, Surveillance and Rescue (ISR) solution which delivers greater range, endurance, and mission payload than a comparable class helicopter, and all at a fraction of the cost,” said Michael Gomm, Cessna director of fleet sales.

“Real-world applications of the Enforcer aircraft don’t end with ISR,” continued Gomm. “A fixed wing Cessna aircraft can efficiently transport officials to the state capitol for a morning meeting and return them to the office by lunchtime. The aircraft can conduct speed enforcement missions that afternoon and be launched for a nighttime patrol. The aircraft’s fuel efficiency and payload capacity make it a versatile solution for our customers in the day and age of stretched state budgets.”

The surveillance equipment is installed at the Cessna manufacturing facility in Independence, Kan., and typical installation time is six hours whereas typical after-market installations of similar equipment by a third party might take weeks. Alternative equipment packages make the Enforcer aircraft capable of being rededicated to other missions including pipeline mapping, aerial photography, as well as news and weather reporting.

Learn more about the Cessna Enforcer program at the Cessna Enforcer Website and see the video at the Cessna YouTube page.

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