Celebrating our aviators on World Pilots’ Day

Today, Textron Aviation is celebrating World Pilots’ Day. The day is recognized annually on April 26 and celebrates the many contributions pilots have made in safely transporting millions of people around the world.  


For pilots, there is nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of flight. Ever since the Wright brothers first took to the skies in 1903, aviators have shared a similar passion for flying.  


Textron Aviation President and CEO Ron Draper recently took a flight in a Beechcraft T-6  

military trainer. View the video to see more about his flying experience and learn about what he enjoys about being a pilot.  


World Pilots Day


Textron Aviation manufactures a wide range of Beechcraft and Cessna products to support pilots’ missions around the world. From single-engine piston planes to military trainers to twin-turboprops or mid-size business jets, Textron Aviation has an aircraft to fulfill the need.  


Textron Aviation also offers tuition assistance to its employees, who are interested in learning to fly through the Textron Aviation Employees’ Flying Club. Through the program, employees can complete a discovery flight, ground school classes, a solo flight, private pilot check ride, instrument rating class, and earn a commercial pilot’s license.  


Are you interested in exploring your future in aviation? Visit our Careers page.  


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