Productive conversations lead to successful results with the new CJ3 Gen2

When Textron Aviation announced the new Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 last year, it was considered the most comprehensive Gen2 product upgrade the company has ever introduced. Customer John Springthorpe believes the collaboration between owner/operators and Textron Aviation representatives led to that successful outcome.

“No matter how much time they spend designing an airplane, they don’t spend as much time sitting in and using that product as we do,” Springthorpe said. “It was an excellent ‘give and take’ between the Customer Advisory Board and the engineering staffs to be able to deliver a product that’s going to be better than it was before.”

CJ3 Gen2 John Springthorpe

Springthorpe said conversations with the CAB members led to some outstanding features in the new CJ3 Gen2 such as:

·         More legroom for the pilots

·         State-of-the-art avionics, featuring autothrottles

·         Externally serviceable lavatory

“These are real improvements, and a reason to upgrade from what you might have” Springthorpe said. “The CJ3 Gen2 is a great product.”

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