Committed to delivering high-quality products and services, and a passion for providing an exceptional customer experience - these are just a few ways to describe the team at the Textron Aviation Valencia Service Center. To celebrate the facility’s 10th anniversary since its opening, employees and leaders reflect on its incredible accomplishments over the last decade.

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Service That Counts

Since 2012, the Valencia Service Center has been committed to providing extensive customer support to its European customers, continuing to provide a full range of service capabilities that include around-the-clock customer support services, as well as scheduled maintenance.


Originally opened as a Cessna Citation Service Center, the facility has since expanded its capabilities to include support for Beechcraft King Air and Cessna Caravan turboprops.


Customers can rely on a broad range of services offered at the center. From aircraft modifications and customizations to complete aircraft support, experienced technicians are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of each customer.


Passionate Community

The center’s General Manager, Sergio López, has been leading the Valencia team since 2014, bringing a variety of experience from his background. While he began at the center as a master aerospace engineer in 2012, López brings knowledge in Customer Service, Program Management, New Product Development, Manufacturing and Quality to the team.

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Sergio López, general manager, Valencia Service Center

What makes this service center so special? López says it’s the people behind the services. In a business that’s demanding and where every day looks different, he says the interaction with people is what he loves most, whether they are a customer, vendor or colleague. In a community that genuinely likes and cares for one another, with the same shared passion, we can continue to support and care for our customers.


“Service is all about people – our engaged and committed team makes all of the difference in the customers’ overall experience,” says Lopez.


Legendary Culture

What sets this service center apart from the competition? Quality Manager Samira Bouziane says it’s the culture.

“The team is like a big family with high cooperation and very good communication among the departments. This results in achieving our common goal, which is providing high-quality results and customer satisfaction. I feel lucky to be able to do what I like, in an outstanding environment with a wonderful team.”

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Samira Bouzine, quality manager, Valencia Service Center

For López, when asked what he was most proud of during his tenure, he says it is the evolution of his team. Looking back to the center’s opening to now, he finds pride in how the team has adapted and changed to meet customer needs and provide enhanced service capabilities.


“What does it mean to be legendary? It means caring about our customers, our peers and what we do. Trying to do things better, learn and grow,” says Lopez.


Bouzine added, “Being legendary means leaving a legacy that endures as an example, we do this by giving our best every day and understanding what services means to our customers.”

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