Meet Stevie Triesenberg, an aircraft owner, pilot, and software engineer

Stevie is an instrument rated commercial pilot and flight instructor certificate holder that owns and flies a vintage 1952 C-35 Beechcraft Bonanza.

While pursuing her software engineering degree in Michigan, Stevie became inspired to learn to fly in from a social media post. She immediately signed up at a local flight school in Michigan and began her journey to earn her many flight ratings. 

Part of the reason I learned to fly was for my love of small airplanes. Stevie Triesenberg

In the video below, Textron Aviation’s Mindy Lindheim interviews Stevie to learn more about how she works as a software engineer and enjoys general aviation as her hobby.

Stevie shares about her journey to earn her wings, her favorite memory in her Bonanza, her advice to others wanting to join aviation, and more.

Women's History Month: Women in Aviation

Stevie is trailblazing the social media world to help educate and inspire others about what the aviation industry has to offer. Stevie shares that her channels focus on introducing people to aviation and simplifying it enough that anybody can enjoy it and become interested in it.

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Stevie believes that flying has a profound impact on a person, “It's also changed my life because general aviation as a whole allows you to see the world in such a different way and it connects you with so many different people. And I think Beechcraft and Bonanza owners especially, have such a tight-knit community that I’ve just met so many people that are now some of my best friends.”


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