Women’s History Month: Women in Aviation

Meet Valerie, an aircraft owner and pilot. Valerie flies a turbocharged Beechcraft Baron 58 and holds an impressive amount of pilot ratings including her private multi-engine license, instrument rating and seaplane rating.

Valerie had always dreamed of being a pilot, but initially she wasn’t sure how to enter the field. In the video below, our very own woman aviator, Mindy Lindheim, interviews Valerie to learn more about how she got into the aviation industry, her experiences as a pilot and her advice to other women looking to join the industry.

Women’s History Month: Women in Aviation

Now, after flying for over a decade, Valerie shares her pilot adventures with followers on her YouTube channel, Skyline Baron Pilot.

Valerie hopes to inspire women to take the leap into aviation.

She shares, “My advice is to start slow. Head to your local flight school and just spend time there, talk to women aviators to hear their experiences. Find a confident instructor and take your time, there’s no rush! If I can do it, you can do it, too.”

To learn more about women in aviation and to connect with other women aviators, follow our social channels throughout Women’s History Month.  

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