5 Ways to Celebrate STEM Day with Textron Aviation

In order to deliver the best aviation experience for our customers, Textron Aviation is built of diverse talent with different backgrounds and expertise that together, produce world-class aircraft. Celebrating STEM Day brings awareness to the importance of our collective and future talent’s specialties in science, technology, engineering and math that assist in the strong problem-solving and innovative skills our company needs to succeed.

Read below for five ways you can continue to develop your STEM knowledge.

1. Learn about why one of our engineers chose aviation

Meet Amber Whittaker-Smith

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Like so many others working in the industry, Amber Whittaker didn’t set out to be an aerospace engineer. Read how Amber came to love engineering and her path to success.

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2. Apply for an internship… or job at Textron Aviation!

Youth Employment Project (YEP) Summer Internships

Exploring your options while in high school? As part of the Youth Employment Project (YEP), Textron Aviation offers students hands-on experience in various careers. Hear from YEP students directly about their experience and apply for the 2022 summer internships after the new year!

Looking for a full-time career in STEM?

Check out some of these job openings:

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Or, see all our current job openings here.

3. Explore a variety of STEM activities from home

Engage with hands-on building activities like a paper roller coaster, foam rocket and popsicle stick catapult for students and educators to create in the classroom or at home.

Each activity introduces essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and design.

4. Learn about the iconic Cessna and Beechcraft airplanes  

The Textron Aviation Media Center offers a variety of stories about Cessna and Beechcraft products, people and customers. Learn about some of our newest releases, like the M2 Gen2 and XLS Gen2, or our partnership with the US Ski Team.  

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5. Understand how STEM careers impact our world  

Hear from our customers about how they use their Textron Aviation aircraft, cultivate a passion for flying and help the community through our Journey page.


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In Nairobi National Park in Kenya, orphaned infant African elephants are fighting for a future.

Read more.


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The world of aviation is vast and offers opportunities for anyone interested in taking to the skies, regardless of their mission, path or destination. But often, the most intimidating part of taking flight is getting started.

Read more.

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