Celebrating the Legendary Technicians Who Keep Our World Moving

With thousands of aircraft flying in and out of airports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) are vital to the aviation industry.

Textron Aviation Service Center Employees in New York
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Textron Aviation Service Center Employees in New York

Whether you’re flying in a legendary Cessna Citation Longitude or Cessna Skyhawk, chances are you will need an AMT for aircraft maintenance. 

Our success is dependent on our aircraft maintenance technicians. They work diligently to deliver a fantastic service experience for our customers, and their commitment to continuously developing their skill and expertise is inspiring. Tracy Leopold, vice president of North American Service Centers.

These maintenance professionals are responsible for keeping aircraft flying around the world. Monday, May 24, 2021, is National AMT Day, aligning with the birth of Charles Taylor, a close friend to the Wright Brothers and the world’s first powered aircraft mechanic.

The purpose of AMT Day is twofold: to spread awareness and recruit the next generation of expert aviation technicians. It also marks a day to appreciate and recognize the work of Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics (A&P), Avionics Technicians, Inspectors and more.

Textron Aviation maintenance technicians deliver success

Textron Aviation strives to always deliver reliable, consistent service to its customers, and that is not possible without the world-class work of our maintenance technicians.

Loren Dyck is an A&P Mechanic at Textron Aviation in Wichita, Kansas. He says that trust between his peers, leaders and customers is the key to success in delivering reliable service.

“Customers trust us to complete their aircraft maintenance the right way, the first time and every time,” Dyck said. “What separates Textron Aviation from other maintenance facilities are the many resources we have available to get the customer back in the air. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Cameron Kenyon, an A&P in Mesa, Arizona, said that the positive work environment at Textron Aviation helps him to serve customers and deliver success in his work every day.

We help each other, and we help our customers. It’s a great place to work.  Cameron Kenyon, A&P Mechanic

Continuous learning at Textron Aviation

A career at Textron Aviation is one where any employee can find opportunities to grow. Dyck said that he has never been bored with his job because there are consistent learning experiences.

“It feels good to work for a company that invests time and effort in making me the best A&P mechanic I can be,” Dyck said. “They provide the resources I need to succeed.”

In fact, all North American Textron Aviation Service centers were recently recognized for their training with the FAA Diamond Award.

“The training we do meets the standards of the FAA Gold award, and Textron Aviation Service Centers go above and beyond that,” Dyck said.

Daniel Jones is also an A&P from Mesa, Arizona, and he enjoys variety and learning that comes with being an AMT.

It’s refreshing to learn new things every day. I get to do new and exciting things around the clock. Daniel Jones, A&P Mechanic

All Textron Aviation employees are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for certificates, bachelor’s or master’s degree studies. In 2020, more than $2 million went toward A&P tuition reimbursement alone.

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A&Ps make up approximately 13 percent of the Textron Aviation workforce, and with 36 percent of those employees eligible for retirement in the next five years, a steady pipeline of A&P licensed professionals is needed.

Textron Aviation is currently hiring A&P professionals all around the world, and always looking for talented professionals in every job field. See all job openings and find your career fit at Textron Aviation Careers.

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