Celebrating 65 years of the legendary Cessna Skylane

Today, Textron Aviation celebrates 65 years of the Cessna Skylane 182. More than 23,000  Skylane aircraft have been delivered since its type certification on March 2, 1956.  

The four-seat, single-engine piston aircraft remains popular with aviation enthusiasts worldwide because of the adventure and freedom it provides, making today a special anniversary to many pilots who took their memorable first solo flight in a Skylane. 

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The Skylane is an iconic aircraft to fliers, supporting a wide range of roles and missions. Multiple variants have been produced through the decades, and the aircraft is regularly used by civil operators, cadet organizations and flight schools worldwide. 

Much like the legacy of the Skylane, flying often runs in families for generations. The Old Green Plane is a Cessna Skylane that once belonged to Collin Caneva’s father, and now Caneva flies himself. 


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Caneva carries on the legacy of his father and the Old Green Plane by visiting interesting places and people in the aircraft with his co-creator Craig Spilker. The duo recently visited Textron Aviation to fly in two iconic Cessna Skylanes – theirs built in the early 1960s and one brand new straight out of the factory – with Rob Scholl, Textron Aviation senior vice president of Sales. 

If you’re in aviation and you don’t own at least one 182 in your life, then you’re doing something wrong. Collin Caneva, Old Green Plane Co-Creator
[FULL EPISODE] Old Green Plane | ep 11 | Rob Scholl & Textron Aviation

Happy anniversary to the Cessna Skylane, and a special thanks to our many customers and employees around the world who have made it a legendary piece of aviation history. 

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