Cessna Aircraft Company debuts latest aircraft at FIDAE

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The Cessna TTx, Cessna Grand Caravan EX, Citation M2 and Citation Sovereign+ are all on show to FIDAE visitors for the first time.

Bob Gibbs, vice president, Sales, Latin America, says: “We fully expect all four aircraft to become firm favorites in the region. Cessna Citations, for example, are already the most popular business jets in South America, with a fleet of over 720 Citations delivered to the region. As our aircraft on display this week show, we continue to listen to our customers and invest in new products and upgrades.

”The Cessna TTx is the world’s fastest commercially produced and certified fixed-gear single-engine aircraft, offering a top speed of 235 ktas (270mph). TTx owners can enjoy flying the aircraft nonstop on routes including São Paulo (Brazil)-Buenos Aires (Argentina).

With a range of 1,467km (792nm), the Grand Caravan EX offers passengers the convenience of flying nonstop on routes such as Buenos Aires-Asunción (Paraguay). The aircraft offers more horsepower than the original Grand Caravan and can undertake a great variety of missions in hard-to-access areas of the world, including demanding Latin American terrain.

The entry-level Citation M2 business jet, which only entered service in December 2013, has already been ordered by customers in Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. The aircraft offers a maximum cruise speed of 400 ktas (460mph) and a range of 1,300nm. The M2 can operate at airports with runways as short as 3,250 feet.

An ideal aircraft for the Latin America region, the nine-passenger Citation Sovereign+ offers a range of 5,556km (3,000nm) and can fly nonstop from, for example, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to Panama City or from Caracas (Venezuela) to Lima (Peru).

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