The following statement is provided by Scott Ernest, president & CEO, Cessna Aircraft Company, in support of today’s National Aviation Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony honoring Dwane Wallace:

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“Cessna is proud today to join the aviation community in celebrating the enshrinement of Mr. Dwane Wallace into the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Known as ‘Mr. Aviation,’ Wallace’s visionary leadership brought Cessna Aircraft Company into the modern age through the aggressive expansion of the company’s product line, including the introduction of the world’s most successful line of business jets - the Cessna Citation. Mr. Wallace’s legacy is secure as the man who built general aviation around the world and positioned Cessna at the forefront of innovation in the early years of the industry. Mr. Wallace was the personal embodiment of the bold spirit that led him to say of Cessna, ‘We have what it takes to lead the way.’ Thanks to his legacy, 8,000 proud Cessnans are still leading the way in general aviation. We commend the National Aviation Hall of Fame for bestowing this honor on a most deserving honoree.”


Dwane Wallace, with his uncle Clyde Cessna. 

Dwane became president in 1936 and lead the company for nearly 40 years.

After its first flight, the Citation was christened with a garland of roses. Left to right: Milt Sills, test pilot; Dwane Wallace, Cessna chairman; James Taylor, vice president of Commercial Jet Marketing Division; Jim LeSueur, test co-pilot; Max Bleck, vice president and general manager of the Military and Twin Division; Bob Lair, senior vice president of aircraft operations; Thor Stevenson, president of United Aircraft Canada Limited; and Del Roskam, president of Cessna.

Dwane Wallace 1973

Dwane and Velma Wallace celebrate the first production Citation jet.

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