Brazil → Kansas, a Legendary Career Journey

Andreia Andreassa, director of Contracts, Textron Aviation, wanted to keep growing in her career—but she wasn’t sure how to take the next step. She enjoyed her role as a Textron Financial Sales Director in Brazil, and knew there were other exciting opportunities within aviation, she just needed some inspiration or help to navigate an international career path.

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Andreia looked to her mentor Tracy Cassil, senior vice president, Textron Financial, for advice. Tracy explained three key things she needed to do to secure her next career opportunity:

1. Identify exactly what you want to do

2. Address or overcome any barriers to taking on your next role

3. Train and prepare a successor to step up and fill the leadership need

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Within nine months, Andreia checked off her list and was ready for a new adventure—at Textron Aviation’s U.S. headquarters in Wichita, Kan. 

Moving to a new country is like being reborn. Andreia Andreassa, director of Contracts, Textron Aviation

Moving to a new country presented Andreia with far more than a career growth opportunity. Suddenly and all at once, she faced a new language, culture and completely different way of life.

Andreia explains how for the first twelve months of her new role, she ran into huge challenges. She knew English, but not “social English,” which made it feel difficult to make friends. She also recalled how Brazilians can be very honest and emotional, so when she started crying out of frustration at work, she felt out of place. "I felt like an outlier,” Andreia said.

After a year of navigating a new country and assistance from her mentor to help with adjustment, Andreia finally started to feel a sense of peace and belonging. She persevered through four bits of wisdom:

·        Keep trying and never give up

·        Be brave and take risks

·        Don’t fear challenges

·        Be true to your origins


Andreia explains that while she wanted and was excited for the career growth opportunity, moving to a new country is not for everyone. She advises the importance of being willing to step out of your comfort zone and find ways to overcome cultural barriers. For instance, Andreia listened to podcasts to improve her social English.

Now, having been with Textron Aviation in Wichita, Kan., for five years, Andreia recently received naturalization to be a U.S. Citizen. By tapping into her support resources and the company’s growth opportunities, Andreia overcame challenges with legendary perseverance. Today, she celebrates that her diverse culture brings a human approach to her work.

I resonate with the company’s value of Be Human the most. I am a people person, my culture is to be personable, share my feelings and be open. I enjoy celebrating others’ accomplishments and I don’t hide my perspective. Andreia Andreassa, director of Contracts, Textron Aviation
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Although not everyone’s career journey will take them across the world, Andreia’s experience is relatable to anyone looking to grow in their career or start something new.

“Be brave and believe in yourself,” she said.

Interested in a career change? Checkout a variety of career opportunities at Textron Aviation.

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